Scan The QR Code To Access WhatsApp WebTo Access WhatsApp Web. You can either:

Click  this link  and download & install WhatsApp on your desktop.

Open WhatsApp Web on your browser by clicking  here .

When indicated, use the QR scanner inside WhatsApp to scan it.

For that, open WhatsApp on your phone.

On Android: in the Chats screen>  More options   > WhatsApp Web.

On iPhone: open Settings  >  WhatsApp Web .

How to use WhatsApp Web on PC

WhatsApp Web  is easy to access, but for the people who do not know about this feature, it might be a handful. To easily access the web client on your PC here are the following steps that you need to follow.

  • The important thing you need to keep in mind is that you should have a mobile phone in which you have your active WhatsApp account and the mobile phone must have Internet service. 


Connect your mobile phone to the Internet and open the WhatsApp application on the mobile phone. 


Tap on the settings icon on the mobile application. 


Click on the option which says WhatsApp Web / desktop.


switch on your computer and open any browser. 


Now, open this  link  on a web browser on your PC.


There will appear a QR code on the screen. Use your mobile phone to scan the QR code. 


As you scan the QR code, your account will now be opened on the browser and will be ready to access. You can use wats-app on the Web and the phone as well at the same time. 


Automatically all the messages will be synced in on web client, anything that you do on either of the devices it will be applicable on both.


Sending a message using web client is pretty similar to sending messages using mobile application in mobile phones. but for the people who are facing issues in sending a message here are the steps you need to follow to send or receive messages using the web client:


Once you have access to WhatsApp Web the screen that will be in front of you will be pretty similar to the application that you have been using on your mobile phone. To send a message, go to your Contacts in WhatsApp and click on the chat.


Now write in the message that you want to send to the person and click on send. If the person has his or her phone connected mobile data, you will see the similar double ticks that you see on your application when the message is delivered.


STEP 1 :

To send an attachment using the web client, click on the paper clip icon present on the top right corner of the chat. 


On clicking the icon, there will appear a dropdown menu on which there will be options to attach photographs, documents, videos and lastly take a photo using a webcam. Click on the attachment that you want to send and browse the file from your computer.


After selecting the file click on the send button and the attachment will be sent do the contact that you wanted to send.

How to change your profile picture and “about” on the Web Client


To change your profile picture using the web client, click on the top left corner where your current profile picture is showing.


Now you will be able to see your profile picture and status in front of you click on the profile picture, and a dropdown menu will appear and click on the new profile picture and upload a photo by browsing the image from your computer storage.


Change your WhatsApp about, click on the edit option anti you’re new about.

How To Log-Out:

Once you have finished using the web client, you must remember to log out of it from your browser. Even though after a while, the QR code expires on itself and you will only be able to access WhatsApp on your mobile phone, logging out of your browser is a necessary step that you must remember to follow. Remember, logging out of web client does not mean that you will not be able to access your mobile account. You can reaccess the web client anytime you want, and you will be able to continue using the account on your mobile phone. Here are the steps that you need to follow to log out of WhatsApp Web from your browser:


Open WhatsApp on your mobile. 


Tap on the setting icons and open WhatsApp Web / desktop. 


They will be shown all the active sessions. Scroll down and tap on log out.


You have now been logged out of all your active sessions. 


Using the web client has its advantages, and to take full use of these advantages, you need to learn these keyboard shortcuts. These shortcuts will make your typing skills efficient and fast.

  • Ctrl + N:  Start new chat
  • Ctrl + Shift +] : Next chat
  • Ctrl + Shift + [:  Previous chat
  • Ctrl + E:  Chat archive
  • Ctrl + Shift + M : Mute chat
  • Ctrl + Backspace : Delete chat
  • Ctrl + Shift + U : Mark as unread
  • Ctrl + Shift + N : Create new group
  • Ctrl + P : Open profile status

Dark Mode On WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp now has a dark mode for its mobile users. As still of now, the dark mode is not available for WhatsApp Web. But, as an alternative, you can use the battery saver mode on your PCs and laptops if you’re obsessed with putting less strain on your eyes in the dark. 

About WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp Web, also known as WhatsApp for PC is a feature that allows its users to access their favorite messenger without using their mobile phones.

WhatsApp is an American app created by Brian Acton and Jan Koum. It is a cross-platform messaging and voice over IP service. WhatsApp is owned by the mega platform Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, bought WhatsApp on 19th of February 2014.

The app is available on android and IOS platform. It allows its users to send messages, make calls and video calls, share documents, photographs, etc. very quickly. This feature is available to the users if they have the application on their mobile phones active. The app version is a must for this feature.

The WhatsApp Web feature allows users to use the application on desktop, tablets and laptops easily. It is very easy to use. There is no need to install the web application to be on your laptop, desktop or tablet. WhatsApp Web supports all major browser like Google Chrome, fire Fox safari etc. However, it does not support Internet Explorer.

It does not allow the sharing of voice messages and video calling on its web version as of now. This version was made available to the public in 2015. At that time only BlackBerry, Android and windows supported the web version. Later, IOS, Nokia 40 series also made this application available on their platforms. As of now, the iPad does not support this feature. WhatsApp Web is same as the original application in your mobile phones.

As soon as you open the WhatsApp Web version on your PC’s or laptops, the messages from your application on the mobile phone are automatically synced in on your desktop. You can download the photographs documents voice messages etc. on your PC. You can send and receive messages on your laptop, and the same messages will be shown on your mobile phones. The notifications will appear on your desktop as well as on your mobile phones. The account that you will be using on your PC will be the same as your mobile phone, and you are merely accessing it on your computers.

Here are a few things you must know about WhatsApp Web


The Web feature is completely secure. Only the user who has the mobile app can access the web version. The messages are in end to end encryption and cannot be hacked in. As soon as you close your browser, or if the screen of your desktop, tablet or laptop sleeps, the application automatically logs you out from your browser.

The code through which you scan to open the web version expires after a while. To connect again or to open the WhatsApp on your browser you will have to scan the code again in your laptop, desktop or tablet from your mobile phone application. Only then will you be able to reaccess the app on your browser. It is straightforward to use and is convenient for people. You can sync in the documents to your chat on your desktop. 


Nobody will be able to tell the difference if you are using whatsapp on your mobile phone or on your laptop, desktop or tablet. There is no difference whether you are using it on a browser or your mobile phone. Whether you’re typing the message on your mobile phone or the web client, everything will be the same. As soon as you send a message from your browser the same double takes will show on the delivery of the message and as soon as the message is read the same blue takes will be shown on your desktop on the web client as it is shown in the application. 


Whatsapp uses your mobile to connect to the browser. It sends messages from the browser but is the same account that is logged in on your mobile phones. In a way, whatsapp web represents the mobile application. Therefore, it cannot save the mobile data as it must stay connected for the application to run. If you switch off your mobile data, you will be logged out from your browser, and you will not receive messages both on your browser and on your mobile application as the data has been switched off. Hence mobile data must always be on for the web client to run on your browser. It means that even though you are using WhatsApp on your desktop, laptop or your tablet, your mobile data is constantly being used as it must be switched on your mobile phones. 

4. Attachments work both ways:

You can send any attachments from your PC, laptop or tablet on the web client to any number. You can also save the attachments on your PC and later you can open the same attachment on your mobile phone as well. As for the instant photograph feature on the application, the web client does not support that feature. Perhaps, if you have a webcam you can use that feature or if your laptop or tablet has the camera then you can use that feature. As for videos, you cannot instantly make videos and send them in a chat. But if you do have a video on the device that you are using, you can share that video via WhatsApp Web. 


The only downside of web client is that all the features that are available on the application on your mobile phone are not available on the Web version.

As for the features that are not available on WhatsApp Web, they are:

The feature to send your location on that is available on your mobile phones is not available on the Web version. Which means that you cannot change your live location on WhatsApp Web and if a person sends you their location you can open it on your PC. The Web version also does not allow video and a voice calling. This feature remains exclusive to the mobile application. You can also not update your status from the web version.


Calm down, your emojis or emoticons are going nowhere while using web client. All you have to do is click on the emoji that is shown on the bottom of the keyboard and select whatever emoji you want to put in the message, and it will be sent.

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