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Too many Gmail accounts and using Firefox?


If you’re one of the 70+ million using Google’s Gmail web-based email system to give your your minute-by-minute dose of daily email, you may appreciate the fact that Google gives 2.8 Gigabyte email accounts for free in addition to allowing customers to even use their own software (like Microsoft Outlook) to interact with these rather spacious email accounts.

Therein lies the kicker — with Google being so generous, many of us have opened up multiple email accounts with Google’s Gmail for all the usual suspect purposes: one for personal email, another for web shopping and maybe another for email newsletters and things like that. We then have a conundrum: with Google really wanting to have customers use its services inside a web browser, constantly signing in and out of all these Gmail accounts can be a constant hassle for those who don’t like forwarding, folders and rules to track and organize all their email.

An extension to Mozilla Firefox (my favorite web browser)easily comes to the rescue, and for me, it’s probably the most-used extension. Gmail Manager allows in-browser access to 10 (or more) Gmail accounts and will login to all of them simultaneously and check each of them at whatever interval you choose. No more singing in and out of Gmail’s website to get a hold of that latest newsletter or for checking on messages from grandma. Download it and I pretty much think you’ll fall in love with it like I have.



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