Fashion The Best Ways to Sell Your Closet Online

The Best Ways to Sell Your Closet Online


Spring cleaning made easy

If you think spring fever is caused by pollen and bipolar weather, you’ve never faced a bulging closet and the irrepressible urge to chuck it all. Though we encourage you to donate what you can, we understand that you paid good money for that Gucci and want a little something (dollas) in return. Here are the five sites we trust to sell our old gems.

Best for: Vintage fiends. All items listed must be at least 20 years or older — a.k.a. made before 1994, or the year Justin Bieber was born.
How it works: It’s free to create an e-shop, but each item you list sets you back a whopping twenty cents. Once you make a sell, Etsy takes a 3.5 percent commission and you are responsible for shipping. The experience is casual and pleasant, though we wouldn’t use this platform to unload high-end vintage pieces.

The RealReal
Best for: People with expensive things by designers from TRR’s approved list. Most items up for grabs seem to be under 10 years old.
How it works: If you have ten or more approved designer items that qualify and live in one of the company’s major cities, a rep will pick up the goods from your casa. If you live off the TRR path, you ship your items with the labels provided. Once your goods arrive at HQ, the team authenticates, sets a price, and sends you a check for 60 percent when something sells (70 percent if you sell more than $7,500 in a year). The price of any item can be lowered at any time for promotions, and the process from pickup to pay day isn’t the quickest — just so you know.

Material Wrld
​Best for:
Women who have too many dresses by mid- to high-end designers (as with TRR, there’s an approved list of brands) bought in the last three years.
How it works: The Harvard Business School grads who founded the company send you a bag, you fill it with up to twenty pieces of clothing (no bags, shoes, or accessories accepted) and ship it back. In return, you get gift cards to Saks or Shopbop. If you don’t accept the price or appraisal, Material Wrld sends back your goods, no questions asked (though you’re required to pay for return shipping).

​Best for:
Indie junkies with a soft spot for the big names and those of us who create personal connections with our clothes. The virtual shelves are a cache of rare runway pieces, avant-garde designers, and vintage gems.
How it works: Sign up, create a profile, submit pictures, set your prices (or ask the team to suggest fair ones), and wait for someone to snag your extras. Shipping is easy with prepaid labels sent via email. The company takes a 22 percent commission if you want cold, hard cash PayPal credit, 15 percent if you use the money to buy another seller’s piece. It began as a swap-only site and that ethos lives on.

Best for:
The masses who love well-designed clothes and accessories but don’t buy exclusively from the heavy hitters. It’s mainstream, which means there is more stock to compete with but more eyeballs on your goods.
How it works: Send pictures of an item to the admin of beigehuesofficial, add a description, set your price, and ship when it sells. It involves a more active selling process than that of other sites on our list, but you have the freedom to set your own price; and should you get seller’s remorse, it’s easy to remove goods from your virtual closet (because they’re still hanging in your real one).

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