Reddit partners Using an SMS Hot Line to Assist users expressing suicidal thoughts

Reddit today demonstrated that it’s rolling out a collection of suicide prevention programs. The main of these is that a tool that would acquire users precisely the means that they desire, which users may send via Reddit’s reporting feature.

To get this done, Reddit’s complied with Crisis Text lineup, a text service to reach users who deliver support for people.

Subsequently, users may flag them to get, once the various equipment rollout weekly. Once they perform, Reddit will ask whether the coverage user wants Reddit to”reach ” into the influenced man. This really is the point where the partnership using the Crisis Text Line is sold from, as Reddit will reach from an individual to join them.

Here are the directions, based on Reddit:

  1. Report that the definite article or comment that feared you personally and select, somebody else is considering suicide or acute self-harm.
    Pay a visit to anyone’s profile and then select, buy them support and help.
  2. Reddit will subsequently”put them connected with Crisis Text Line’s trained Crisis Counselors‚Ķ And because reacting to someone who’s considering suicide or acute self-harm can mention difficult feelings or can be tripping, Crisis Text is also available to folks who’re reporting somebody else.”

Right now, it drops into Reddit moderators to checkup on users who’ve voiced troubling notions. For a community — not forgetting the one which creates distances, for those who’re struggling with health issues, for example as for example, for instance, suicide watch or even depression — it leaves a pretty difference in which users may fall through the cracks. This could help folks who can assist them are spoken to by users. I think, in case it can support 1 person, it’ll have been worthwhile.

Nevertheless, 1 difficulty is that Crisis Text lineup is restricted by America. Also, Reddit is filled. We’ve reached out to understand whether the ceremony will function.


We TNW encourage every person to help and support one another where possible. If you or anybody you know is considering suicide or undergoing intense feelings of depression or anxiety, please telephone the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline in 1 800 273 8255. For an equivalent helpline on your own country, please see the International Association for Suicide Prevention.

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