Technology Plan your project with Google Sketchup

Plan your project with Google Sketchup


While I wait to move into my new house, I’ve been trying to visualize some re-modeling for the new digs. I created floor plans with Microsoft Visio, but it’ll cost you and it’s only good for 2 dimensions. A while back, Google released a free 3D drawing software called Sketchup. The pro version will cost you some green, but Sketchup is free – and it’s really, really easy to learn. Even though I was missing a few critical dimensions, I managed to create this model in about 15 minutes of messing around.

sketchup pro

You can download Sketchup here. Trust me, it’s definitely worth the time to do the short tutorial that comes with the software.

Ritika Singh
Ritika Singh
Ritika is a fashion student at NIFT and has a keen eye for fashion trends and everything couture. She also has her hand at creative writing be it about fashion , beauty or lifestyle. Her side hussels include working as a freelance blog writer and a graphic designer. She takes great pride in providing the best of her work she can deliver and that’s what makes her an author here. Her ultimate goal is to be a fashion designer and own a couture label somewhere in Northern Italy.


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