Knowing how to troubleshoot a flash drive can be important especially when you have files on a flash drive that you need to get. You might just be frustrated as to why it’s not working too. The fact that these devices are so small and portable can actually lead to problems. If you do not have a well-built flash drive, they can break fairly easily. Follow these steps to troubleshoot a flash drive. 

  1. Try inserting the flash drive into another USB port on the computer. The USB port that you have plugged it into might be malfunctioning. If you have plugged it into a port on the front of the computer, plug it into one on the back of the computer.
  2. Try another computer. If the flash drive does not work on a second or even third computer, then it is most likely broken. , “Computer”); _468″);
  3. Make sure the flash drive is oriented in the USB port the correct way. You can tell when it is because you will be able to push the drive all of the way in, covering most of the metal connector.
  4. If you cannot find the flash drive on the computer, go to the start menu. Click my computer. The flash drive should be under this area. It will likely have a letter assigned to it, followed by a name. 

Tip: To prevent data loss, always backup any files that you carry on a flash drive to your computer. People sometimes carry important documents without a backup on a flash drive. This is a big mistake, since they can lose the drive or it can break.


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