Understanding how to stop discrimination against gays is something that everyone should learn. If you are not a part of the gay community, this doesn’t mean that someone you know and care about is not being discriminated against. A combination of knowledge and action is the best approach to stop discrimination against gays.

  1. Learn what constitutes discrimination. To stop discrimination against gays, you need to know what it looks like. Discrimination entails big things, such as refusing to hire someone because they are gay or attacking them violently, and small things, such as spreading rumors or name-calling. Things like anti-gay graffiti and property damage are also forms of discrimination and harassment.
  2. Gather a group. To stop overt discrimination against someone you know, get a group of supportive friends together to look out for that person. When harassment, bullying, discrimination or violent behavior occur, everyone in the group needs to stick up for the gay friend and make it clear to the person or people who are discriminating that the behavior is not acceptable and cannot be allowed to continue. , “Sexual Health”); _468″);
  3. Organize your group. Once you have a group together who want to stop discrimination against gays, organizing can be very powerful. Together, you can hold rallies, contact news organizations, organize protests and demand changes in law to stop discrimination against gays.
  4. Educate others. You should also focus on educating the general public within your community about the importance of stopping discrimination against gays. You can pass out pamphlets, start a newsletter, hang flyers around your community and hold public meetings to discuss the problem of discrimination within your local community.
  5. Support the gay community. The more people who offers support to nonprofit organizations and associations dedicated to stopping discrimination against gays, the more powerful these groups will become. Offer your support by volunteering, donating money or just spreading their mission.

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