Many people overlook the importance of properly learning how to serve in ping pong because they feel as if it is the least of their worries. In actuality, learning to properly serve in ping pong is a vital part of the game, and you can actually take pretty tight advantage of your opponent with a solid serve. There isn’t much that you need to learn to serve in ping pong besides your racket, ball and table.

  1. Before making the serve, the ping pong ball must be completely visible. When you are holding the ball, make sure that you are not clenching it in front of you or hiding it from your opponent. Simply holding it in your palm is ideal in a legal game of tennis.
  2. Begin the serve by tossing the ball upwards using your palm. You’re not going for height when tossing the ball upwards; gently tossing the ball upwards about a foot in length at the most is fine. , “Ping Pong”); _468″);
  3. Once the ball is in air, be sure to strike it with your racket before it falls down and hits the table or floor. In the game of ping pong, it is not legal to throw the ball up, allow it to bounce and then strike the ball to the opponent’s court. You must strike the ball as it is in the air after tossing it.
  4. When striking the ball, you must make sure that the ball bounces in your court, makes it over the net, and bounces in the opponent’s court. This is a skill that takes time to master, and many beginners find themselves having trouble with clearing the net or getting the ball to bounce in both his court as well as the opponents. However, serving in ping pong is a skill that gets better with practice.

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