Do you need to know how to make sea kayak paddles for your kayak? Then this guide is perfect for you. Follow the steps below to craft sea kayak paddles that will rival their store-bought counterparts.

You will need:

  • Two boards of marine plywood, two to three millimeters thick and 18-24 inches in length and width
  • Two lengths of wood that are two to three inches in diameter , “Kayaking”); _468″);
  • A tool for wood carving
  • A jigsaw
  • Sandpaper
  • Waterproof epoxy
  1. Select the lengths of wood for you paddle shafts. To select a length of wood that is appropriate for use as a sea kayak paddle you will need wood that is free of any knots and warps in the grain. Choose a length that you are comfortable with as there will be no need to shorten it otherwise.
  2. Select the marine plywood for your paddle blades. Finding wood for the paddles is easier than selecting material for the shaft, most marine and sporting goods stores carry the proper plywood.
  3. Craft the shafts from the lengths of wood. To craft the shaft you will need a woodworking tool made for carving. Carve the uppermost to mid regions of the paddle in a rounded fashion and taper the bottom so that it is four to five millimeters thick and slotted for the insertion of the blade.
  4. Craft the blades from the marine plywood. Trace the size and shape of the paddles blades that you want onto the plywood. keep in mind that sea kayak blades are usually approximately twenty inches long and ovular in shape. Follow your traced design with the blade of the jigsaw to cut the marine plywood into the appropriate size and shape. To finish the blades, you will need to sand them until they are as smooth as possible.
  5. Fix the blades to the shaft. Place the blade inside the shaft and trace the region of the blade covered by the shaft. You then need to coat the area of the blade that was covered by the shaft in waterproof epoxy and place the blade into the shaft quickly. When the epoxy dries the sea kayak paddle is ready for use.

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