You have driven fifteen thousand miles and you want to know how to change the air filter in your Crossfire. The Crossfire is different because it has two air filters to change. On the other hand, it is easy to change the air filters on the Crossfire.

Things You Will Need:

  • The new air filters-Fram CA9689 or another comparable air filter (both air filters come in one box)
  • Shop Vac
  1. Buy the new air filter for your Pontiac Crossfire. Remember, both filters come in one box. You do not have to buy two boxes.
  2. Drive home, shut the engine off on your car, and wait for the car to cool down. Be relieved it is very simple to change the air filters on your Pontiac Crossfire.
  3. Lift up the hood of your car and secure it with the arm. Find your engine. There is an easily removable engine cover on the engine. Remove this engine cover. The two air intake pipes slide off. Slide them off. Then the cover unsnaps from the engine.
  4. There are two air filter panels and they are right in front of you. Open each panel. Look at the old filters to make sure they are dirty. Replace both of the dirty air filters.
  5. Take your shop Vac and vacuum any dirt or sand in and around the engine. Close the panels and snap all clips in place. Reassemble the engine cover. Put the two air intake pipes back on. Shut the hood of your car and you are finished. Changing the air filters on your Pontiac Crossfire is very easy. You are now an expert. Make sure you change the air filters every fifteen thousand miles. Change them more often if necessary.


  • Always change your air filters at least once every fifteen thousand miles
  • Keep up with the maintenance on your car
  • Your car will run better and longer with preventive maintenance



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