Pets Dogs Grooming an American Eskimo Dog

Grooming an American Eskimo Dog


Tips on keeping your American Eskimo Dog’s white coat looking clean and tidy.

The American Eskimo or “Eskie” descended from white German Spitz dogs. They are seen in three distinct sizes, the Standard (15 to 19 inches at the withers), the Miniature (12 to 15 inches), and the Toy (9 to 12 inches). The “Eskimo” part of their name pays tribute to their Northern heritage while the “American” is based on the breed being refined and developed here. Most are snow-white, but they can be cream-colored as well.

american eskimo

They make great watchdogs and are strongly bonded to their families but can be stand-offish with strangers. Their intelligence, high energy level and desire to please made them popular as circus dogs. They love to play in the snow.

Overall the American Eskimos stay pretty clean with no doggy odor, but they do require grooming from time to time.

Tips for grooming an American Eskimo Dog

  • It is important to thoroughly brush and rake the coat before the bath to avoid unwanted mats and tangles.
  • Use a blue shampoo to bring out their sparkling whiteness
  • A conditioning rinse will help keep their hair tangle free
  • Blow moisture from the coat with a high-velocity dryer
  • Trim their feet to look neat and natural – what we call “cat feet.”
  • Neaten the edges of the ears with thinning shears.

American Eskimo Dogs do shed seasonally so they require lots of regular brushing.

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