Lifestyle DIY Fixing a broken Breyer Horse model: yes, it can...

Fixing a broken Breyer Horse model: yes, it can be done!


For those of you who fancy Breyer Horses like me, there ultimately comes a time when one of your beloved herd breaks a leg or tail. It’s a generally accepted fact that there’s not a glue on the planet which will rejoin the broken pieces to their rightful place on the models body. However, there is a way to repair your Breyer Horse. I have repaired Breyer horses “professionally” for customers who found me on eBay. I have a trade secret that I’ll share with you today.

Buy a small bottle of nail polish remover which has acetone as its base. Acetone will soften the plastic of Breyer models to the point that it becomes pliable and sticky. Don’t use that old bottle of polish remover that has been in your bathroom cabinet for three and a half years. You want a nice new fresh bottle because that will give you the best results.

Make sure that both areas of the break are clean. Using a cotton swab, place an adequate amount of the polish remover on both faces of the break and let the liquid remain on the areas for a few moments so it softens the plastic. You can even lightly scratch the faces of the break with a pin or modeling knife to help disturb the surface and help the acetone penetrate the plastic better. After you think the plastic has reacted enough, press the pieces together gently but firmly. You can even give the joint a bit of slight twisting action to help “seat” the repair. Don’t press the pieces together too hard because that will force the softened plastic out of the joint. You just want to press them firmly so the faces of the break intermix their softened plastic.

fix Breyer Horses

After just a moment or so, you should be able to let go of the smaller piece and have it stay in place but the repair is not nearly done yet. It takes at least a couple hours for the plastic to cure and truly bond. At this point you need to place the model in a resting position which shall maintain the joined pieces in place where you need them. Don’t try wrapping tape around the joint. That never works.

After a few hours you can lightly address the repaired area with an emery board if you want to. That will clean up the excess plastic that squished out when you put the pieces together. If you want to retouch the paint, I recommend any good quality acrylic craft paint but understand that it will never be as durable as the original paint job.

You should understand that a Breyer model repaired this way will never again be suitable for play. A repaired Breyer Horse model should be retired to a safe quiet shelf to enjoy the rest of its days. Although it will never again rejoin the herd in the pastures of imagination, a repaired Breyer Horse standing tall on a shelf is far better off than one laying in the trash bin with a broken leg.

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