There are hoards of dupstep artists who combine heavy bass with other sounds to form new electronic music. Dubstep music uses bass, synthesizers, keyboards and drum tracks to make music that occasionally, but not typically, has vocals. The word “dub” often refers to drums and bass.

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Atlantic Connection


Nathan Hayes began as a DJ in his local region of North Carolina and at the age of eighteen he began learning about music production. He formed a group called Basic Operations with a DJ friend and began producing music he released on CD in 2004. This group became very famous, but Hayes began to feel constrained and began a new solo dubstep career with the name Atlantic Connection.


High Contrast


In 2007 High Contrast won the Essential Mix of the Year Award from a BBC radio. High Contrast began with a man named Lincoln Barrett in 2000. His debut song, “True Colours,” released in 2002 and paved his way to becoming a well-known dubstep DJ and mixer. High Contrast’s newest album is called “Tough Guys Don’t Dance.”


12th Planet


John Dadzie is a dubstep artist who was born in Los Angeles in 1982. Dadzie formed a DJ studio called Imperial Recordings, which became the step he needed to become a famous dubstep artist. He combines dubstep with electro and hip-hop.




This dubstep artist was born Lorin Ashton. He combines eclectic electronic mixes with dubstep sounds and used highly complicated musical techniques in his music. Bassnectar is unique in the way that the music he created has various tempos. He is based in Santa Cruz, California, and has released eight albums, the most current one, “Divergent Spectrum,” released in 2011.




Jason Flynn, a dubstep artist from Croydon, works under the name Cyrus. In 2003 he released his first independent record, which led to a rise in his popularity. The motion picture “Children of Men” features percussive tracks from Cyrus’s album, “Indian Stomp.”

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