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Do it yourself to mosquitoes before they do it to you!


It’s that time of year again, when “The Big Feed” begins. I’m referring to the attack of the mosquitoes of course. There are a about two hundred species of mosquitoes that inhabit the United States. The chances are good that you will encounter several different species in your area.

There are several things which you can do yourself to thwart the mosquitoes attempts to munch on you. Apart from having a professional come and lace your entire yard with toxic chemicals, you’re pretty much on your own. Try the following tips and you may find that your mosquito problems will be noticeably diminished.

Eliminate all sources of stagnant water. Water is the breeding area of mosquitoes. Old tires, buckets, tarps, bottles, anywhere that water can gather and remain undisturbed is a potential mosquito egg-laying site. Scan your yard for potential sources of mosquito breeding water and educate your neighbors about it also. For those areas in which water is expected to remain such as hydroponic gardens or your backyard bird bath, change that water at least once a week and try to keep it in an open area also.

Keep swimming pools treated with the appropriate chemicals and keep the pool filter in top working condition. Try to always keep the water circulating. This is considered an issue of protection from bacteria also.

Keep your lawn well maintained and try to always trim around the edges. While this may not interfere with the breeding of the mosquitoes it can significantly reduce their hiding places near you. Many species of mosquitoes do not do well in the hot midday sun. Shed a little light into the nooks and crannies of your yard and tell those pesky mosquitoes they’re not welcome there.

When using commercial mosquito repellents, always follow manufacturers instructions. Carefully apply the product, always keeping the compound away from your mouth and eyes. Children under the age of twelve should never be allowed to apply bug repellents without adult supervision. Kids need the most insect protection but they need your caring guidance to ensure that they’re protected properly.

Always inspect all your home window screens at the beginning of the insect feeding season and be sure you teach your children the importance of closing all doors promptly and securely.

For more information regarding effective mosquito fighting information, please visit The American Mosquito Control Association.



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