Travel Backyard Camping – What Is It?

Backyard Camping – What Is It?


Backyard Camping by name is a new concept to Australia, some people from overseas refer to it as Bush Camping or Garden Camping, though what it means to us is it is an opportunity to bring together Campers with Private Properties throughout Australia. Whether it is a residential backyard, a rural property or a working farm, Backyard Camping provides the Camper with a unique, cost effective accommodation solution. All Backyards are offered on a temporary basis for short term camping stays.

The True Australian Experience:
Campers searching for the True Australian experience, wishing to break free from Camping Suburbia, can take advantage of exclusivity offered properties within a rural or farm setting. Australians already know what a great country we live in, with such diverse landscape that abounds. For those backpacking around Australia, and wanting to be totally fulfilled, then this type of camping hits the spot. Unlike some busy camping grounds and tourist parks, Backyard Camping within rural private properties can typically provide a more relaxed and ‘back to basics’ setting away from the crowds. A unique opportunity to experience and gain access to otherwise unavailable private land is a fabulous drawcard.

Affordable & Convenient Accommodation:
Backyard Camping can assist with the ever increasing temporary accommodation issues experienced across Australia, festival camping has also changed the way people see an event or concert. They get the advantage of enjoying a few drinks without the danger of driving home after a big day or two.

Coastal and rural towns are regularly inundated with Australian and overseas travellers around holiday periods, with backpackers equally trying to stretch their Aussie dollar further. Affordable accommodation solutions can often be limited. Camping within Backyard Camping private properties can help by taking people off the roads, out of public reserves/parks and beachfronts, and afford them a safe, reasonably priced and convenient temporary campsite.

Land Owner Opportunities:
Backyard Camping can deliver a regular passive income. Currently proving successful in Europe, the temporary camping concept offers Private Landowners with an untapped passive income potential, and for working properties, a secondary income source that can often run concurrently with the daily activities of the property.

Meet & Share:
What a great way to meet the people of these many private properties to have an authentic camping experience. Each property undoubtedly has its own particular attraction and charm, and could easily be one of your most memorable holidays. Why not share its unique beauty with others? Campers and Travellers also bring with them varied and interesting experiences and stories from across Australia and the world.

Happy camping….

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