Everyone will make mistakes when dating, but it’s a good idea to learn about 5 types of women to avoid so you don’t make unnecessary mistakes that can hurt you emotionally, financial and sometimes physically. Obviously, these aren’t set in stone because every person is an individual but these are some good guidelines when choosing a potential partner or a longtime romance.

  1. The Gold Digger. The gold digger is a woman who will spend all of your money and leave you when you don’t have any more to give. These aren’t necessarily hard to spot because she’ll constantly hint at items she wants you to buy and always make references to how much you make or what you can give her.
  2. The Bitch. She’s the type of woman who treats everyone poorly, you included. Nothing you do will ever be good enough, nor will anyone else. Keep in mind that if she is mean to others, if she hasn’t treated you bad so far, it’s just a matter of time before you’re on the losing end.
  3. The Player. Players can be women too and if she’s a player you’ll never be the one to keep her. Players love to go out with multiple men and move on to the next one whenever they’re tired of the person they’re with currently and that could be you. This is easy to spot if she is constantly referencing her other conquests.
  4. The Frigid One. While some women may want to wait on any intimate contact, there are a few that will continue this way even if she’s the one you marry. Sure, you don’t have to scare her with requesting anal sex on the first date but if she shies away from any physical contact at all there may be a reason behind it and that reason may not be something you can overcome in the future.
  5. The Desperate One. This one isn’t one you can easily get rid of because she’ll always be asking you what you’re doing, how you feel about her and what you’re thinking. It may seem nice at first but it can easily get out of control to where you can’t think straight without her by your side. If it makes you feel any better she’d do this to any guy she has latched onto.

There are many more types of women to avoid such as the ones with baggage, the control freak and more but these are five types of women to avoid that can be a good start to knowing what to look for in a woman.



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