The 5 cheapest places to travel in February have a lot to offer. If your vacation days happen to fall in February, one of these cheap places to travel will surely fit your needs. During the month of February, the weather is starting to change and it’s considered off-peak in many locations. 

  1. Hit the beach and jump into the ocean. February is considered off-seasons for travel and rates are drastically reduced. Hotels are much cheaper and swimming in the ocean and sunning are completely free. With plenty of seafood available at discount prices, hitting the beach is one of the cheapest vacations available. Cheaper beach locations include Virginia Beach, Ocean City, Maryland and Daytona Beach, Florida during the off-season.
  2. Ski trips. Starting February, ski season starts to close down. At the end of the season, there are many discounts. If snow and cold is your desire, hitting the ski slopes is definitely an option. If skiing is not your idea of fun, there are always lodges parties, hot tubs, snowboarding and other options during a ski trip. If you always wanted to ski Tahoe in Colorado, now is the time for your cheap vacation.  
  3. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. There are a ton of things to do in Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh has the Benedum Center, Carnegie Science Center, Byham Theater, Andy Warhol Museum, Pittsburgh Zoo and Pittsburgh Aquarium to fill your time. There are plenty of discount shopping areas around the strip district. Just beware that February can still be a cold, snowy time in Pennsylvania.
  4. Florida. During February, Florida ranks as one of the cheapest places to travel. Air fare is highly discounted, which will save you money and enable you to use it elsewhere while visiting local attractions or eating in finer restaurants. This is the time to take your Disney vacation in Orlando, Florida. It’s still off season and the weather is not blistering hot. Florida is covered in beaches and you will find that during February you can visit just about any beach for discounted travel prices. 
  5. India. Believe it or not, you can travel and spend an average of only $22 per day if you travel to India. Considered one the top places to travel, India ranks in the top ten. If you can afford the air fare, the rest of the trip will be very cheap. While in India you will want to make sure to visit Delhi, the nation’s capital. Delhi is known for its intriguing past, present history and is filled with monuments, massive temples, beautiful gardens and tons of shopping in the huge shopping center. Once in Delhi, make sure to check out Humayun’s Tomb. 



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