The 5 best Caribbean family resorts exist on this planet so that you have a place to go to unwind. They are also there to make sure that you get the most out of your Caribbean vacation. If you can’t find any rest and relaxation at these resorts, then your life must really be crappy.

  1. Atlantis. Located in Paradise Island, the Bahamas, the best Caribbean family resort is Atlantis because of its grandiosity. If you want to swim, you have stayed at the right place since it features a whopping 11 areas for swimming! Talk about selection and choice. For the adults, there exists the Mandara Spa that features water-therapy treatments, so if you want to be pampered while on vacation, you can enjoy yourself here.
  2. Almond Beach Village. The second-best Caribbean family resort is the Almond Beach Village because it spoils you and your family to the hilt. An example of this probably insane spoiling is the option of actually watching movies while floating and lounging in the pool. Other activities here that are surely to make your stay include chef classes where you can practice being a junior chef; island safari tours; and their mile-long, white-sand location by the beach. If you cannot relax or at least enjoy yourself in these settings, then you should see a doctor for high stress. , “Travel”); _468″);
  3. Four Seasons Resort Nevis. The Four Seasons Resort in Nevis is where you need to take yourself and your family if you want to enjoy fruit at state-of-the-art fitness centers and a full-service spa. The Four Seasons Resort in Nevis is the third-best Caribbean family resort because it encourages immoderately high conservation in your children. An example of this is that your kids get a special, little certificate for their little hands to hold if they partake in the resort’s Sea Turtle Education and Adoption program.
  4. Holiday Inn SunSpree Resort. In Montego Bay, Jamaica, Holiday Inn’s SunSpree Resort awaits you and wants you to experience its enormous stretch of a half-mile of beach front. Some of the perks you can find here include a swim-up bar, which is perfect if you’re swimming in the pool and say to yourself, “Hey! I need me some alcohol, damn it!” So while your kids are being attended to by this resort’s KidsSpree Vacation Club, you can get yourself sloshed while in the pool.
  5. Club Med Punta Cana. Situated in the Dominican Republic, this Club Med resort features something known as the Circus School. This amenity at this resort allows your little kids to learn how to swing from a trapeze…and other circus-y activities! If you think that’s a tad too menacing for your little tyke, then just enroll him or her into the Hip Hop Kidz dance program, and watch him or her turn into a little Eminem or Snoop Dogg, which every parent so very much desires.

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