The 5 best bow sights provide accuracy and ease of use. They are simple to attach and easy to use. Bow sights are necessary if you want to pin down your chances to hit the target. This article will introduce five of the best bow sights on the market. These bow sights are perfect for the competitor or hunter. Bow sights provide an advantage in acquiring a target and pinpointing the strike point. Bow sights work great with crossbows as well as archery bows. These bow sights provide all this and more. The best bet for the user, however, is to try out the bow sight before you purchase. So, grab this list, head down to your local store, and try these.

  1. G5 Optix XR2 Pin Sight: provides simple target acquisition and set-up. This lightweight, quick attaching bow sight is professional grade. Simple sight adjustment and on the fly sight fluctuation makes this great for moving target striking.
  2. Spot-Hogg SDP7 Sight with Hogg Wrap – .019″: brings the target to you in a simplistic and accurate bow sight. This fiber optic based system with a seven-point sight adjustment is a perfect system. This sight provides plus-ups for wind and elevation sights adjustments. A great opportunity sight for the archer or target based competitor.
  3. Hind Sight Eclipse 5-Pin Sight: is a calibrated and field designed bow sight. Ease of operation and quick site adjustments makes this a perfect find for on the go acquisitions. Illuminated and glow in the dark target rings makes night firing a breeze. This is a great bow sight for the hunter or competitive archer.
  4. HHA OL-5519 Bow Sight: provides wind and vibration support to keep a steady shooter. Lightweight and durable construction keeps this bow sight inline for those tough outings. Great for bow or archery needs in the field or in controlled conditions.
  5. Truglo® Brite-Site Xtreme Five-Pin Sight with Light: is affordable and field-tested. For the bow enthusiast looking to gather a quality sight at a freshman’s cost, this bow is for you. Lightweight, with light sight and acquisition pins to support range and elevation. This is an exceptional sight with many plus-ups designed to get the rookie hooked.

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