Learn about 10 rainy date night ideas New York. New York is full of place to go and things to do. However, an unfortunately the weather does not always cooperate with date night, so instead of heading over to Central Park, consider these 10 rainy date night ideas instead.

  1. Put together a jigsaw puzzle. A 500 piece puzzle will take you and your date a couple of hours. You will enjoy working together to complete a beautiful or funny picture.
  2. Keep the pantry stocked with the ingredients for homemade cookies. Work together to create the treats. While your date is watching the last pan, grab a blanket and toss it over two chairs. Toss a second blanket on the floor and enjoy the fresh cookies with milk in cozy tent like atmosphere you enjoyed as a kid.
  3. Head out to the library. Libraries are great, inexpensive place to go on a date. The atmosphere can be spooky late at night. Head over to the children’s wing and pick out your favorite books together then find a quiet spot to read them to each other.
  4. Have supper at home, but go some place fancy for dessert. Dress up and head over to that fancy restaurant you have been wanting to check out. Order your dessert and enjoy the treat in the luxurious surroundings.
  5. The Metropolitan Museum of Art has a donation based entrance and is a cool place to go on a date. You will have fun watching the best exhibits they have: The Tomb exhibit (go in the morning when its empty and you get chills), Hellenistic Era Collection and Renaissance Collection.
  6. The Brooklyn Academy of Music opens BAMCafe every Friday and Saturday night – free performances from up-and-coming groups. See jazz, rock, world music, pop and more! Order a mezze platter and some drinks and enjoy!
  7. Enjoy some indoor miniature golf.  Have a friendly wager to get the competitive juices flowing. Maybe a bet for a second day will get your putter going. 
  8. Go to a department store. Take turns picking out outfits for each other and trying them on in the dressing room.
  9. Take a class. There are low-cost, one night classes held all over the city. Take a class to learn about dancing, pottery, or anything else you can dream up. Dancing classes are particularly great if neither of you know the dance. You will be able to get to know each other as you sway to the music.
  10. Find a table in a quiet cafe with a great view of the street. Do some people watching as they try to rush in and out of the rainy night in New York.

You can find a number of creative ways to spend a rainy date night in New York. Just use a little imagination and soon you will be looking forward to the rain interrupting your planned date night.



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