Commune with your inner Metal beast and bang your head to the 10 best Motorhead songs. After thirty years in the business, Motorhead still makes some of the heaviest songs in Metal. Elements of Motorhead’s in-your-face, fast, loud and hard sound have been borrowed by tons of bands for over thirty years. Motorhead is so awesome that they were able to record their first album in three days and front man Lemmy has the most awesome mustache in the history of facial hair. You don’t have to be a Metal-head to be into Motorhead, just a fan of balls out Rock-N-Roll.

  1. Ace of Spades (1980) – The song that defines Motorhead’s sound the best. You can’t listen to this and not want to bang your head.

  2. White Line Fever (1979) – One of many kickass songs from Motorhead’s self-titled debut. The entire album was recorded in three days;only White Line Fever can keep a band up for 72 hours. Only Motorhead can lay down this kind of awesome that fast.

  3. I Got Mine (1983) – Recorded right after Phil “Philthy Animal” Taylor left the band, “I Got Mine” came from Motorhead’s critically acclaimed and commercially panned album “Another Perfect Day.” Say what you will about Motorhead’s brief departure from their signature sound, this is still a brilliant song.

  4. Built for Speed (1986) – Orgasmatron produced some of Motorhead’s heaviest songs. Things don’t get much better than Lemmy screaming “I was born with the hammer down!”

  5. Orgasmatron (1986) – This song and the album that bears its name brought Motorhead back from the brink after “Another Perfect Day” crashed and burned. It is one of the heaviest songs on the album and is made completely brutal by Lemmy’s experimenting with Death Metal growls.

  6. Deaf Forever (1986) – Yet another awesome song from Orgasmatron. Deaf Forever is one of many songs that shows that Motorhead isn’t just heavy and loud, they can put together killer melodies.

  7. Born to Raise Hell (1991) – Featured on Motorhead’s album Bastards and the Airheads soundtrack, this song gets extra awesome because Ice-T lends a hand on the backing vocals. The video for this song is also one of the few times you will see Lemmy without his signature mustache and mutton chops. We would like to think that they exploded from his face because they couldn’t take the awesomeness.

  8. Don’t Let Daddy Kiss Me (1991) – Motorhead’s almost acoustic ballad on the evils of child abuse was originally offered up to Joan Jett and Lita Ford before Lemmy decided to record it himself. Lemmy’s harsh, raspy voice gives the song an extra tinge of heartache, sadness and anguish that the other people the song was offered to may not have been able to achieve.

  9. Whorehouse Blues (2004) – This acoustic blues/rock jam is a history of Motorhead’s adventures over the last thirty years. Imagine how awesome a “Lemmy sings the Blues” side project would be.

  10. Louie Louie (1979) – Motorhead takes the classic 60’s frat boy party song and gives it balls.



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